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CodyHey! I’m Cody Stevens.

Here at Email Marketing Solved, my goal is the title: Solve your worries and concerns about email marketing and unravel its many mysteries.

I want to make readers into email marketing pros, give them the confidence to use their programs, and get so good at it they can teach others, too.

My site uses a variety of articles and materials to do this. I used Google to find out what people are looking for most when it comes to email marketing and then used my own notes/research/knowledge to create a few helpful articles for our readers.

You will find heaps of helpful articles here. We compare popular services, show you how to set up a good landing page, examples of great email marketing practices, and discuss the cost of email marketing, too.

And there’s much more than that… and much more to come!

I want to make you confident in signing up for your email services and I want you to SEE the great benefits for yourself about subscribing to these great services. I know how confusing this stuff can be, which is why I decided to launch this site!

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To close, I’d like to offer a quote from marketing expert David Newman:

Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches, at scale.

This couldn’t be truer, and the more time you spend with us – and practicing your marketing- the more improvement you will see in your conversions.

So, don’t go it alone – stick with me and I will tell you all you need to know!

Where to from here?

Check out the articles below, I’m sure they will help you get started…